Anita Pluwak leading the Södertörn University Centre for Baltic and East European Studies Reading Seminar

On Monday 3 October, 13.00-15.00, Dr Anita Pluwak will be leading the Centre for Baltic and East European Studies – CBEES / Södertörn University Reading Seminar, discussing Chapter 5 of Kateřina Lišková’s book “Sexual Liberation, Socialist Style: Communist Czechoslovakia and the Science of Desire, 1945–1989 (2018)”, and Chapter 2 of Agnieszka Kościańska’s book ”Gender, Pleasure, and Violence: The Construction of Expert Knowledge of Sexuality in Poland (2021)”. (Please note that participation presupposes the reading of the above-mentioned texts.)

More information here:…/2022-10-03-overlooked-project-of…

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