Dr Anita Pluwak

Postdoctoral Researcher

Contact Information
School of Humanities
Tallinn University
Uus-Sadama 5, 10120, Tallinn


2015 PhD, Cultural History of Central and Eastern Europe, Lund University, Sweden

My research focuses on cultural change and conflict in postsocialist societies, especially in relation to contested artworks and memories, and shifting perceptions of democratic publics. In this project, I investigate recent Polish controversies over cultural production and the impact that differing interpretations of the past have on public arts conflicts today. Among the cases I explore are debates surrounding popular crime novels’ usage of postsocialist conspiracy theories, incl. belief in plots driven by the former communist establishment and the “stolen” transition that has become a key marker of political division in present-day Poland. Overall, the project emphasizes the diversity of contemporary arts conflicts in Eastern Europe and the centrality of the aesthetic media of memory to the study of postsocialist society, and explores these media in wider, transnational contexts.
My research interests also include war and Holocaust narratives, and popular genres, esp. melodrama.


Monograph / PhD Thesis
Ambiguous Endeavours: The Evolution of the Melodramatic Mode in Polish Holocaust Narratives from Hanna Krall to The Aftermath. Lund Slavonic Monographs 12. Lunds Universitet, Lund, 250 p. ISBN: 978-91-7623-297-2. ISSN: 0280-0284.

Peer-Reviewed Articles
“Beyond Outrage: Approaching Arts Controversies in Postcommunist Poland.” East European Politics and Societies and Cultures 20(10).
“Automatism, Chance, Mass Culture: Avant-Garde Practice in Witold Gombrowicz’s Early Prose.” Scando-Slavica 57(1): 68-87.

Invited Book Reviews
”Michalina Petelska: Georg Brandes i Polacy czyli o fenomenie wzajemnego zainteresowania z Polską w tle, Gdańsk: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego, 2017 (review).” Scando-Slavica 66(1): 211-213.
“Polen i historien. Peter Johnsson. Stockholm Bokförlag 2009. Anmeldt af Anita Pluwak.”Nordisk Østforum 2010, 3, s. 330-333.
”Janusz Korek, Paradoksy paryskiej ,,Kultury”: Styl i tradycje myslenia politycznego, Katowice 2008, 550 pp. (review).” Scando-Slavica 55: 195-197.
”Anthony Kemp-Welch: Poland under Communism. A Cold War History.” Nyt fra Historien LVII(2): 59-60.


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