Translating Memories team at the MSA 2023

Look out for the following presentations by the Translating Memories team at the annual Memory Studies Association conference, taking place this year in Newcastle, UK, 3-7 2023 July.

 July 4

15:45-17:15 Eneken Laanes‘s presentation in the panel “Mnemonic Migration”

July 5

10:45 – 12:15 Anita Pluwak‘s presentation “Conspiracy theories as mnemonic practice: Popular conspiracy fiction from postsocialist Poland and the intersecting discourses of memory and suspicion” in the panel “Fictions, facts, and counter-memories”

6 July

11-12:30 Diana Popa‘s presentation “Reworking Romanian and Hungarian Past: Holocaust Memory in Péter Forgács’s and Radu Jude’s Archival Documentaries” in the panel “The Axis Powers in Cultural Memory: Transnational Tropes and (Un)Critical Storytelling about World War II”

11-12:30 Hanna Aunin‘s presentation “Change in the Memory of Estonian Mass Deportations and its Representations through Film: The Awakening (1989) and In the Crosswind (2014)” in the panel “Memories of Displacement”

7 July

11-12:30 Margaret Comer‘s presentation “New Narratives in Times of Conflict: Estonian Museum Responses to the War in Ukraine” in the panel “Re/creating belonging in and through museums”

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